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One of the main areas of focus within a traditional dining-room, is the table. It is the place where families congregate to eat dinner, and to discuss family matters on a regular basis. Traditional dining-room tables serve a purpose (or a range of purposes) and are designed to do very little other than simply that. However, with a little bit of imagination and creativity like, you will realise that your dining room table is capable of so much more than simply being a platform on which you rest things.


The What Nots Hop Doll House produce dining room tables which are personally designed by you. This makes every one of our tables completely unique and tailored towards the personalities and characteristics of our customers. We have been asked to produce some extremely interesting designs – some of which couldn’t possibly be repeated here on our website! However, what we have understood and learned from the clients that we have happily done business with, is that your imagination is varied, unique and we believe, one of your most attractive features! Why not display your imagination through the design of your own furniture? Start with a dining room table and you could become the talk of the town.


Modern furniture can look attractive. You might visit a range of stores and find designs and styles that are right up your street; exactly what you are looking for. But, have you ever felt limited in the choices available to you? Have you ever gone out of the house with a dream image in mind, and come back having settled for something which is ‘near enough’ what you wanted? The What Nots Hop Doll House do not share a belief in ‘generic designs’ for homes. Surely this only serves to restrict your household design and your household becomes less unique? After all, this is somewhere that you have to live every day. Why are you settling for something that is ‘near enough?’


The What Nots Hop Doll House do not have a ‘range of furniture’ – the range is only limited by your own imagination. We have produced tables based on the knights of the round table. We have designed tables that reflect poker tables, and snooker tables. We have even designed tables that have games of snakes and ladders in-built and chess boards. When you open your mind to the possibilities of tables, they become so much more than simply a standard platform in a standard dining room.


As we have already mentioned, tables can provide a range of purposes across a range of functions. One of these purposes might be to hold drinks and food during a party. As such, we are easily able to adapt our designs so that they fit with the features that you require. For example, have you ever considered having a table that has a large hole within it - a suitable location for a bowl of food or punch? Why does the bowl or dish have to be rested on top of the table where it will, no doubt, be knocked over? Some of the requests that we have had for specific tables designs include dining room tables with holes and other features that allow users to manipulate the table for their own unique purposes.


Other tables that we have designed have a layer of oak, that folds away to reveal a secret accessory. One of our favourites was a snooker table that was placed under the oak. Having served a three-course meal, the customer decided that they were going to impress their guests by revealing a secret snooker table. Having removed the food, they took away the wooden panels to reveal a snooker table! So, after the meal had taken place, they were able to use the table for a game of snooker, amazing their guests in the process.


Another request for a personalised dining room table, involved a children’s sandpit. The customer’s children loved playing with sand, but did not have a sandpit. Removing the layer of wood, the table open up into a sandpit, allowing them to put the space under a table to practical use. Other similar designs have included an area for children to use playdough and other activities such as storage for colouring-in books and paints. These unique designs were not only useful for children, however. We have had requests from artists and writers to design tables which enable them to store drawing and writing implements – keeping their art within our art! There is a wide range of uses for tables, and the way that we manufacture them, allows customers to tailor their design to meet their needs. We have not refused any designs to date!


Our product


All of our products are designed using the very highest quality of solid oak – providing an appearance, strength and durability of a very high calibre. Using oak, we are able to manipulate its appearance to suit a range of personalised designs, each one uniquely chosen by our customers.

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